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Rockstar Games has teased that Red Dead Online’s next update will let players rob homesteads across all areas of the map in free roam.

By Brianna Reeves

Published 16 hours ago


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New details from Rockstar Games recently noted?that Red Dead Online’s “early summer?update” will introduce homestead?robberies?in free roam. Red Dead Redemption 2’s online suite hasn’t received an update of consequence for the last several months.

Throughout this year, in fact, the support from Rockstar has primarily revolved around smaller, weekly changes that add new challenges, objectives, and in-game discounts. An update in early May, for example, improved Legendary Animal rewards for a limited period of time. The week prior saw Moonshiners earn more XP and money for taking part in Role-specific missions and the like. In short, these updates are a far cry from what players actually want Rockstar to introduce; said desires include private lobbies, ranch ownership, and additional customization options. It doesn’t seem as though the forthcoming?summer?update will address?these wants, but the studio?may?unleash?the next best thing.

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In a post concerning Red Dead Online’s latest weekly update, which prioritizes the Collector Role, Rockstar announced that an “early summer update” is in the works for?the next patch. Players can expect the update to introduce a host of “new unlawful ventures,” allowing?them to behave in a manner reflective of?someone with morally questionable?values. Such behaviors will specifically play out thanks to the addition of homestead robberies, which players will be able to partake in across all five states in the free roam map. The summer update for Red Dead Online?will also bring a new membership rewards club to the experience, though details remain under lock and key for the time being.


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On the surface, this seems as though it could mark a step in the right direction for Red Dead Online’s divisive content offerings. That much won’t be clear until Rockstar shares more concrete information, though. Fortunately, new details should go live sometime soon.

Rockstar and its various internal teams have?multiple projects in the works. In addition to continuously?supporting?Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online, the company has been hard at work on producing?PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S upgrades for Grand Theft Auto V, which remain on track for a November 2021 release. Plus, rumors and reports indicate the eagerly-anticipated?GTA VI is also in active development.


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Red Dead Online is out?now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Rockstar Newswire


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