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[pixel art cartoon character]Metal Slug Tactics Revives the Classic Franchise XCOM

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  Metal Slug Tactics brings back the SNK arcade classic with a strategic twist and roguelike elements layered on top of the same beautiful pixel-art.

  By Alex Santa Maria

  Published Jun 10, 2021


  Metal Slug Tactics Summer Games Fest

  SNK and Dotemu arrived at the Summer Game Fest with Metal Slug Tactics,?a strategic take on an arcade shooter series that adds roguelike elements into the mix for spice. It will be the first activity in the?Metal Slug?franchise in a long while outside of some poorly received cell phone spinoffs. Thankfully, the release comes alongside a?previously announced?Metal Slug mobile game that hopes to make up for those titles and cement Metal Slug’s legacy in the modern age.

  The?Metal Slug?series stretches across seven side-scrolling shooters known for their impressive pixel graphics, over-the-top comic book style, and unforgiving difficulty. Soldiers fight against undead opponents, giant tanks called Metal Slugs, and unrelenting enemy forces in an explosive experience that was always well worth a few quarters. The games have come to home consoles and PC over the years, but the last mainline release?was 2007’s?Metal Slug 7?on Nintendo DS. With SNK bringing back franchises like?King of Fighters?and Samurai Shodown?one after the other, it only makes sense that?Metal Slug?would once again make a big splash on modern platforms.


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  While?Metal Slug Tactics?is certainly not a mainline entry in the series, it sports an art style in its reveal trailer that recalls those classic games and adds in a new style of gameplay that fits in with the arcade-y combat the?franchise is known for. Combat will be a light tactics experience in the vein of?XCOM, but there’s also a roguelike element that procedurally generates mission layouts for maximum replayability. Iconic bosses from past?Metal Slug?games will challenge the player alongside their massive armies, and the team will have to use every firearm, vehicle, and grenade available to take them down.


  In addition to a heap of gameplay, the reveal trailer for Metal Slug Tactics?revealed a team of heroes from?Metal Slug’s?past that will lead armies in the game. Traditional cover star Marco stands alongside Eri, Fio, Tarma, and more, with each hero sporting the character abilities fans will expect. The gameplay also cuts in the cartoon art of the trailer with Marvel vs. Capcom-esque character profiles whenever a hero makes their biggest moves.?Developed by?Leikir Studio and published by DotEmu in association with SNK, the stylish and unexpected?Metal Slug Tactics?is set for a PC release in the near future.


  The surprise reveal of?Metal Slug Tactics?is a joyous one for anyone who remembers playing through the game in arcades fondly. It also just goes to show how versatile the?XCOM formula has proven itself. With?Gears of War?already successfully translating to tactics and a rumored game in the style featuring Marvel heroes in the works, it’s a new way for established universes to both reach a brand-new audience and present a new side story for dedicated fans.?This isn’t to say that?Metal Slug Tactics?will be definitely delving into any deep lore, but this over-the-top gameplay should translate perfectly to turn-based strategy in the hopefully near future.


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