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[DOOM Eternal]Doom Eternal Celebrates Fourth of July With Patriotic Event

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  Doom Eternal is giving players the chance to earn patriotic cosmetics for the Doom Slayer and some demons during a festive 4th of July event.

  By Trumann Tu

  Published 16 hours ago



  Doom Eternal?has been getting updates periodically ever since it launched in 2020, with cosmetics being added often. These cosmetics include skins that the player could wear during gameplay, such as the incredibly silly “Mullet Slayer” Doom Slayer skin?that gives the normally serious Slayer an exposed beer belly. For the month of July however, the developers have announced that?they will be?hosting a brand?new?patriotic?themed event in Doom Eternal.

  First announced through the Slayer Club on Bethesda’s website, the event is appropriately titled “O Slay Can You See.” Players can earn XP in any of Doom Eternal’s game modes to unlock a series of cosmetics. The XP can be gathered in the single-player mode by completing any of the game’s campaign levels, with competing in the game’s BATTLEMODE also being a viable way to level up. The new cosmetics range from patriotic profile banners to a skin of the Doom Slayer that just screams USA.

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  The DOOM Twitter account posted a gif earlier today showcasing the Slayer and podium skin that?is quite patriotic. Said podium can be seen decorated with stars, stripes, and bald eagles, while the Doom Slayer salutes the player. One of the most striking things about the Doom Slayer’s new costume is the commitment to the theme.?It?is decked out in red, white, and blue, with the letters USA across his chest. It’s then capped off with?his hat and armor decorated in sparklers, along with the Doomblade melee weapon?becoming a firework. This makes Doom Slayer’s arsenal of weapons more flashy than usual.


  happy #4thofJuly

  — DOOM (@DOOM) July 4, 2021

  This event will certainly bring some laughs, as the sight of Doom Slayer in a July 4th themed costume?is enough to clash with the dark tone of the game. Certain demonic enemies will also be getting USA themed skins, such as the Revenant and Pain Elementals. The event will be running until July 29th, which will give players plenty of time to unlock these skins and try them out.

  With Doom Eternal consistently pumping out some new content since its release, it’s been enjoying quite the shelf life. From the completion of the Ancient Gods DLC to?the release of Eternal’s?next-gen versions on PS5 and the Xbox Series X, there’s something for fans to enjoy. With the patriotic items now added to the mix, there is sure to be some laughter whenever the Doom Slayer enters a scene and fights off a horde of demons with the power of fireworks.


  Doom Eternal?is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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  Source: Slayers Club


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