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[final fantasy 7 sequel]FF7 Remake & Alan Wake Remastered For PC Leak on Epic Games Store

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  Details uncovered in the Epic Games Store database seem to hint that Alan Wake Remastered and Final Fantasy VII Remake are on their way to PC.

  By Brianna Reeves

  Published Jun 18, 2021


  alan wake flashlight

  If information mined from the?Epic Games Store database proves accurate,?Alan Wake Remastered and Final Fantasy VII Remake will eventually make their way to PC. The possibility of an Alan Wake remaster arguably counts as the most fascinating aspect of the EGS leak, particularly given developer Remedy’s relationship with Epic Games.

  In Spring 2020, the Finnish studio partnered?with Epic Games to publish two unspecified multiplatform projects. VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grubb recently claimed one of the titles?constitutes?a proper sequel to Alan Wake, the cult classic that Remedy once attempted to expand upon in a prototype build for a follow-up. Meanwhile,?Final Fantasy VII Remake’s PC version warrants recognition as an interesting beast all its own. It’s long been believed that FF7R’s?PlayStation exclusivity would last 12 months, opening the door for Square Enix to release the remake on PC and, presumably, Xbox platforms. While?FF7R’s PlayStation exclusive status?supposedly expired in April,?Square Enix has yet to telegraph when it may actually launch elsewhere.

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  In perusing the Epic Game Store’s backend, Twitter?user Wario64?stumbled across two interesting database listings, one for an unannounced Alan Wake Remastered and the other related to Final Fantasy VII Remake’s PC version. Wario64 grabbed screenshots of both database entries, proving that something is indeed in the works with regards to these two presumed releases. It remains to be seen, however, when Epic Games and its partners will publicly confirm the news of these titles migrating to the PC storefront. The Twitter post in question appears as follows:


  Final Fantasy VII Remake listing found on Epic Games Store backend

  as well as Alan Wake Remastered

  — Wario64 (@Wario64) June 18, 2021

  Because?the?above database entries only cover the Epic Games Store, there’s no way of knowing if Alan Wake Remastered and FF7R’s PC iteration will also pop up on other storefronts. For instance, can Xbox and Steam users expect the Final Fantasy remake to appear on their preferred marketplace? Might the supposed Alan Wake remaster hit Xbox and PlayStation platforms? For now, all anyone can do is play the waiting game.

  Alan Wake’s revival would undoubtedly please many a fan. The timing is right, too, given the contents of Control’s well-received AWE DLC, which further cemented the existence of Remedy’s connected universe of games. And since the studio acquired the publishing rights to Alan Wake a couple of years ago, it stands to reason that could have something up its sleeve related to the franchise’s journey through the darkness.


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  Alan Wake is available to play now on PC and Xbox platforms, while Final Fantasy 7 Remake remains a timed PS4 and PS5 exclusive.

  Source: Epic Games Store (1, 2)?Wario64/Twitter via Wccftech


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