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  Investment starting at approx. $220,000 including franchise fee and working capital


  SMARTEK is offering franchisees the opportunity to take advantage of the rapid growth in digital technology solutions that are positioned to take over the signage market across the world. Franchisees will profit from two streams of revenue; sales of physical devices and the advertising that flows though them.




  Smartek Franchise


  SMARTEK manufactures in-demand digital car top advertising units, hand sanitizers, digital kiosks and screens with hundreds of applications.

  ONFLY is the world’s first mobile digital car top advertising that is patent pending. Used by taxi and ride-hailing services to generate an additional source of revenue.

  Franchisees will place digital equipment in malls, offices, manufacturing plants, retail stores, etc. as well as find drivers for ONFLY.

  Franchisees will make money selling equipment to end users as well as advertisers who will want to advertise on the mobile & fixed ONFLY devices.

  Content is downloaded and managed centrally from the head office allowing the franchisee to grow their business.

  First to market, recession resistant, COVID proof.

  Franchisees can work from home. All that is needed is a phone and a computer.


  Smartek Franchise Canada



  Out-of-home digital advertising is skyrocketing, and vehicle-mounted media platforms are one of the fastest growing types of advertising in major world markets. The huge growth in the rideshare networks has created a powerful opportunity to provide digital out of home advertising, and with city block and time targeting now available, advertisers are flocking to this format. As a leader in Digital-Out-Of Home advertising, Smartek is currently launching a 5000-vehicle pilot project internationally.


  Strategic Partnership with TELUS


  Smartek - Telus


  Smartek’s strategic partnership with TELUS provides connectivity, sales and branding as a partner and also as a potential advertising opportunity for franchisees.


  Smartek Franchise Partners


  SMARTEK Franchise Includes

  Complete training in sales and operations

  All equipment, software and hardware as well as operations manuals

  Equipment installation

  Complete support in driver acquisition as well as acquiring advertisers

  Central management of content, uploading advertising, realtime monitoring of ONFLY units

  Ongoing logistics and head office support

  Financing programs provided though major banks

  Low overhead and investment, work from home

  Cutting edge technology


  Smartek Franchise Includes



  Smartek Franchise - Fixed Digital Solutions


  Interactive Kiosks (touch screen and non-touch) can be placed practically anywhere. They can increase sales and efficiency while reducing staffing costs for your clients. With a wide variety of uses, they can be used for directories, information, self-payment ordering. Cost efficient with a high return on investment these are minimal maintenance and can be controlled remotely.


  Smartek Franchise - Interactive Kiosks


  There is an endless list of placement opportunities:

  Ride Hailing Services

  Shopping Centres and Malls


  Public Libraries and Office Buildings


  Transit Stations

  Automotive Dealers


  Gyms and Community Centres


  Company and Fleet Cars

  Schools and Universities



  Smartek Franchise - Digital Hand Sanitizer


  Smartek’s clients include some of the world’s largest corporations from retail chains to large industries. All lines are value driven and priced to maximize your earning potential and those of your clients.


  The Benefits:

  Full training and support

  National accounts

  Initial setup included

  Manufacturing in partnership with SAMSUNG

  Wide range of products to offer

  Territories now available across Canada

  Financing available


  Smartek Franchise Benefits


  Ask Yourself

  Do you love technology and are sales oriented?

  Want to be part of a ground floor opportunity?

  Want to profit from a huge industry with unlimited potential?

  Want the support of a head office?

  Want to work out of home?


  There are no monthly royalty or advertising fees as this is a revenue-sharing franchise model.

  Don’t wait – contact us today to find out more about this exciting franchise concept, now available in Canada.