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After catching a huge number of Gible, Pokemon Go trainers are evolving the Dragon/Ground-type into Garchomp and wondering which movesets are best for this powerful Pokemon.

During Pokemon Go¨s Community Day on June 6, countless trainers from around the world ventured out looking to make the most of the 3x catch XP bonus and boosted Gible spawns.

Throughout the event, any Gabite that evolved into a Garchomp was immediately granted the Ground-type move Earth Power, so it was a race to collect as many Gible as possible.

Now that the June Community Day is over, trainers are wondering which movesets are best to use with Garchomp.


With a brand new exclusive move under its belt, is the powerful Dragon/Ground-type a top-tier pick for Raids? Or is better to take the pseudo-legendary Pokemon into PvP Battles?

Garchomp Pokemon Go

Garchomp Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Company/NianticGarchomp is a Ground/Dragon-type Pokemon.

Garchomp is capable of performing two Fast Moves: Mud Shot and Dragon Tail. Both of these moves make the most of the STAB bonus so it¨s best to decide between the two based on your opponent.

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In terms of Charge Moves, Garchomp has five powerful abilities: Earthquake, Fire Blast, Sand Tomb, Earth Power, and Outrage.

Fast Move: Mud Shot

Charge Move: Outrage and Earth Power

When it comes to PvP, it¨s the Master League where Garchomp truly shines as one of the top picks. Thanks to its ability to take down the likes of Giratina, Dialga, Metagross, and Mewtwo effectively, the Dragon/Ground-type is always a great choice.


For taking on other players, Mud Shot is definitely the best Fast Move. It may not have as high DPT as Dragon Tail, but it makes up for it with 4.5 EPT.

As for Charge Moves, Outrage and Earth Power are the most effective choices as they allow you to exploit a variety of Pokemon chosen by players in the Master League.

Fast Move: Dragon Tail

Charge Move: Outrage and Earth Power

You¨ll mainly be using Garchomp in Raids and Gym Battles to dispose of other Dragon-types. Therefore, it¨s key you choose a moveset that maximizes DPS against those types of Pokemon.

To to do this, pick up Dragon Tail as your Fast Move and go for Outrage as your Charge Move. The new Earth Power ability is an option if you¨re looking for a Ground attack, but taking out other Dragon-types is what Garchomp does best.


Garchomp best moveset Pokemon Go

Garchomp best moveset Pokemon Go

NianticDragon-types are strong against other Dragon Pokemon.

As mentioned above, when it comes to PvP, Garchomp¨s home is the Master League. As the Dragon/Ground-type has such a high CP, trainers won¨t find much use with Garchomp in Ultra or Great League.

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However, against Pokemon such as Giratina and Dialga, Garchomp is a perfect choice and can easily exploit their weaknesses.

When it comes to Raids and Gyms, Garchomp¨s versatility as a Ground/Dragon-type will always make it useful against certain opponents. Just look to customize your moveset to exploit an enemy Pokemon¨s weaknesses and Garchomp will always be a solid choice.

Ultimately, Garchomp isn¨t a Pokemon that will suit every situation, but in Master League and against certain Raid opponents, it will always be a great pick-up.