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[famas warzone]Top 5 most overpowered weapons in COD Warzone of all time

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  COD Warzone has only been out for over a year, but it has managed to give its players serious nightmares with its updates. After the massive failure of Blackout in Black Ops 4, Warzone was a fresh start for the Call of Duty Battle Royale genre. It soon became very popular as Verdansk offered everything COD players wanted in a Battle Royale game.

  Warzone is most loved for its realistic elements. However, the periodic updates for weapons soon transformed the game into a horror story. With every update, Raven Software managed to release overpowered weapons that ruined the experience in the game.

  For over a year, players have faced the wrath of many weapons which took over the meta because they were broken. Even though Raven eventually nerfed them, some Warzone players still have PTSD when they find the Bruen or the DMR in the ground loot in Verdansk. Here is a list of all the weapons that were once overpowered in the Warzone.

  1) EBR Line Breaker

  The EBR Line Breaker comes first in the history of Warzone’s broken blueprints. The blueprint came with the launch of the first Battle Pass, and as Warzone was still in its growing phase, not many people bothered to purchase it. But the EBR Line Breaker started creating havoc as players were able to be one-shot without any attachments to the weapon.

  2) Famas Shotgun Underbarrel

  The FAMAS is an assault rifle in Warzone, and absolutely nothing is wrong with this weapon. However, there used to be an underbarrel that let players attach a shotgun to the AR. Soon players realized the shotgun was broken and was capable of swiping squads with three or four shots. The damage over the distance for the shotgun rounds made no sense, and it was nerfed within days.

  3) Sykov Akimbo Pistols

  Sykov Akimbo Pistols/ Image via Upcomer <img class="lazy-img" width="800" height="450" data-img="" alt="Sykov Akimbo Pistols/ Image via Upcomer" data-img-low="" src=",“>Sykov Akimbo Pistols/ Image via Upcomer

  Warzone decided to allow players to jump in without the Overkill perk and one overpowered pair of pistols. The Sykov pistols with the Akimbo perk had an insane time to kill for a secondary weapon. This allowed players to use it as a primary weapon in close-range fights. Just spray and pray. A whole squad could be wiped out with two pistols.

  4) Bruen


  The Bruen LMG meta has people irritated with its high firepower and almost zero recoil. The gun had a large magazine. This means that players don’t have to reload. One could continuously spray from a distance, wiping enemies with an insane TTK. The Bruen meta lasted until Raven heard the community’s cries and nerfed the weapon.

  5) DMR


  This was the most recent meta is Warzone. The DMR was nerfed after it terrorized people for a whole season. With Mac-10s ruling the close-quarter category, players scoped into the DMR and spammed it for enemies in the distance. The weapon could kill within two shots. The gun was proving to be a menace to entire squads who would get wiped out from a distance.

  Disclaimer: This article reflects the opinions of the writer.

  Edited by Srijan Sen

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