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[The Lego Movie 2 Videogame]10 Best Movie Video Game Tie Ins On The Nintendo Switch, Ranked

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  Nintendo Switch is known to have many iconic games. But for movie fanatics, these are the games they naturally gravitate towards.

  By Shaurya Thapa

  Published Mar 05, 2021



  Video game adaptations of films have often had a mixed track record. The same can be said for the Nintendo Switch as the gaming console has had a few games that seem like promotional gimmicks for film franchises. However, there are a few interesting options for movie video-game tie-ins spanning various genres and age-groups.

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  Some of these games, like Blair Witch and Alien: Isolation, are based on long-standing classic film series. Others, such as?Cars 3: Driven To Win and Zombieland Double Tap Road Trip, are often promotional games that release alongside the film. Each proved to be memorable in their right…


  The Lego Movie 2 Videogame

  In some way or other, the Lego games are omnipresent in every gaming console. Based on the sequel to The LEGO Movie, The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame features a plethora of pop-culture characters in visually-rich Lego-themed backgrounds.

  Needless to say, the game might not be everyone’s cup of tea considering the ever-growing pantheon of Lego videogames and its heavy influences from LEGO Worlds (which seems like a better alternative for the Nintendo Switch).


  The Star Wars franchise has yielded some memorable arcade pinball games. Star Wars Pinball attempts to capture the spirit of this era in a smaller format, with an exclusive Switch release in 2019.

  The game doesn’t only incorporate characters from the original film trilogy and its sequels, but also the animated series, Clone Wars and Rebels. With a total of 19 pinball tables, players can skim through diverse planets and timelines. Of course, the pinball format doesn’t add too much uniqueness but the aesthetics of the digital pinball machines are enough for Star Wars fans to give it a try.


  Cars 3 Driven To Win

  While?Cars 2 turned out to be a critical and commercial failure, the third installment was seen to be significantly better as it focused on Lightning McQueen rather than comical characters like Mator. Cars 3 also benefited from a darker tone as it delved into the car’s aging days, prompting him to find himself a protege.

  Contrasting with the film, Cars 3: Driven To Win is a simplified take on its source materials, clearly intended for younger players. The game offers several levels, including battle races, lap challenges, and even stunt showcases.

  Zombieland Double Tap game

  The gruesome,?over-the-top violence in the two Zombieland?films does make it suitable for an equally hyperviolent shooter game – and Nintendo Switch’s Double Tap Road Trip is just that. The game was released on Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One three days before the release of Zombieland: Double Tap.

  Given its short length and derivative isometric gameplay, the game seemed to be created for the sole purpose of promoting the film, but it can still be played by some as a guilty pleasure of sorts. All major characters from the film are unlockable and are equally adept at unleashing their terror on the undead in their own ways. Before World War Z can drop on Switch and change the fate of zombie games on the platform, Double Tap Road Trip might work fine.


  jurassic world evolution featured

  From its title,?Jurassic World Evolution might sound like it’s a creature feature of a game. However, it actually falls under the genre of business simulation. Players are tasked with setting up a dinosaur amusement park on an archipelago, handling contracts, and overseeing the genetic mutation of nearly 40 species of giant reptiles.

  The dinosaurs boast well-developed graphics and each of them bears a different personality rather than just being reduced to one-dimensional caricatures. Despite this, the simulation features received mixed responses amongst audiences and critics alike.

  The Mummy Demastered

  Even though the Mummy?reboot failed to make a mark, its video game turned out to be surprisingly well-received. The adventure game (a Metroidvania production to be specific) takes place in the same timeline as the film and allows players to fight against the evil forces of Princess Ahmanet, who is resurrected back to life.

  The game garnered positive reviews for doing justice to its genre, bearing major influences from side-scrolling classics like Ghosts n’ Goblins and Castlevania.


  A still from Alien Isolation

  Alien: Isolation’s sleek production design and detailed alien characters retain the horror of Ridley Scott’s Alien?franchise while also building upon a new storyline. Isolation chiefly revolves around Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda, who investigates the disappearance of her mother and her crew.

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  The first-person perspective offers its fair share of action and jump scares. However, a significant portion of the gameplay also relies on a strategic stealth-driven style to outsmart the extraterrestrial creatures rather than just slaying them with a motion tracker or a flamethrower.

  Blair Witch Video Game Camera Footage

  The revolutionary found-footage-horror in The Blair Witch Project always had the potential to be adapted into an equally haunting and interactive video game. Decades later, 2020’s Blair Witch bears testimony to this.

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  Like the original film, the game tests its audience’s patience through psychological foreshadowing and atmospheric horror, which results in some chilling outcomes. However, the protagonist isn’t alone in his encounters with paranormal activity as his dog accompanies him in the titular forest. Even though the survival horror style might not be as iconic as other games like The Last of Us, Blair Witch still emerges better than the forgettable sequels in the franchise.


  Friday The 13th: The Game

  Friday The 13th was one of the most amusing multiplayer options on the Switch, as one player got to don the mask of the homicidal maniac Jason Voorhees while the other players serve as teenage camp counselors who need to escape from Jason’s wrath.

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  Set in an open-world environment with third-person gameplay, several missions of the game are inspired by the many films in the series (including both the best and worst ones) making it an enriching experience for die-hard Friday The 13th fans.

  Ghostbusters The Video Game Remastered Title Banner

  Some games inspired by classic films might just seem like a publicity gimmick to promote the film’s legacy. This was particularly true in the 2000s, with Ghostbusters being one of the major exceptions.? Part of Ghostbusters’ acclaim lay in its direct involvement from the original film’s cast and crew. Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd even contributed to the game’s storyline that’s set directly after Ghostbusters II.

  Noted for its modern take on its source material along with a dash of nostalgia, the videogame spawned a cult following. And to celebrate its tenth anniversary, a remastered version was released for Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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