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Minecraft has been going for almost a decade and it’s still going strong with new updates. Caves & Cliffs is shaping up to be one of the biggest yet.

With the new updates comes new blocks, mobs and tonnes more. If you’re looking for the latest information, this is what you need to know.


Caves & Cliffs was so huge that the team ended up splitting it into two central parts. The first part is out next week on June 8th and the second should arrive around the holiday this year.

Over on Twitter, SlicedLime, the tech lead for Minecraft Java tends to update people on new pre-releases and he tends to do so around 4-8 pm BST so we might see the official release around the same time.

For the sake of brevity, this will centrally focus on the first part, the update we know the most about right now.


Caves and Cliffs will be arriving on all versions of the game at the exact same time on June 8th. This means that its crossplay functionalities will be fully operational for launch.

This being said, those playing on Java have a little bit of a bonus. If you have it here, you can play the update early via the pre-release.

If you want to play it early, you need to have the Java edition of the game. If you don’t have that, you will have to buy it or wait for the official release.

Once you have the java edition of the game, boot up the Minecraft launcher and find your game. Click on the installations tab and enable snapshots. From here, you can download the release candidate and play the update for yourself.


The first part of Caves & Cliffs is all about setting the groundwork for part two. It adds new ores, blocks and mobs.

Some of those blocks include Amethyst, Copper and Deepslate. These can mostly be found deep down in new cave structures and can be used to build new items. The mobs included are Axolotls, Goats and Glow Squids.

The Axolotl can play dead to regenerate health and seem to be very tough fighters. Goats are standoffish and can knock players far away. They can also climb huge heights. Glow Squids are a new type of squid that can light up the ocean and drops new items.

This sets the groundwork for part two, which totally restructures cave generation and makes the height of the world much taller. It will also bring new biomes and change the way that mountains work.

There have been a number of big pre-releases coming up to Caves & Cliff’s official release.

Pre-release 1 Patch NotesPre-release 2 Patch NotesPre-release 3 Patch NotesPre-release 4 Patch NotesAdvertisement

As the official update arrives, we will update here with the latest patch notes.

Unfortunately, as the game is still being updated, we don’t have a full update size just yet. With the release candidate, we may not see any more updates but it could change over the next few days.

We will update here as we find out the full size of Caves & Cliffs part two.