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[luigi’s mansion 3 controls]Luigi’s Mansion 3: How to Jump | Attack of the Fanboy

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  The Luigi’s Mansion series does a lot of things different than its big brother: Mario. First off, you play as typically secondary character Luigi, but more importantly you don’t usually jump in these games. That changes somewhat with Luigi’s Mansion 3 where players have a limited capacity to jump. This comes in handy pretty early on as some challenges, such as a rug that keeps flinging you off to the side, force you to think a little out of the box. Or you can read this guide on how to jump in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

  As I said, this first came up for me when a ghost kept flinging a carpet toward me, causing damage and keeping me from proceeding down a hallway. Thankfully Polterpup showed me the way, though he was pretty cryptic about it. The secret to how to jump in Luigi’s Mansion 3 is to use the explosive maneuver you were taught early in the campaign. By pressing both ZR and ZL you will cause a small explosion of sorts, propelling Luigi into the air. It’s not a real jump, I suppose, but it does the job well enough.

  This actually comes into play a lot with the upcoming boss battle as well. Like the hallway, the carpet will ripple out toward Luigi. You can either take the damage or jump over it using this ability. The timing needs to be pretty precise, so practice in the hallway if you’re concerned about potentially dying during the boss battle. Once you have the timing it should be pretty easy to manage from here on out.

  Really the trick to how to jump in Luigi’s Mansion 3 is just remembering that this move even exists. As you explore the haunted hotel further you may forget or get bogged down in other abilities, so keep it in mind.

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