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[Stellaris]Stellaris: How to Become the Crisis | Game Rant

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  The latest expansion for Stellaris, entitled Nemesis, allows players to assume the same level of power and threat as an endgame Crisis.

  By Mason Sansonia

  Published Apr 20, 2021


  Stellaris Becoming the Crisis

  Stellaris is a?space exploration and empire-building simulator that is truly massive in scale. Originally created for PC, its older DLCs have?also spread to its console versions.

  That said, new DLC for?Stellaris has been released regularly. The latest DLC, called Nemesis, gives new options for aggression between interstellar empires, both in terms of hard and soft attacks. There are new espionage options introduced, but also a hitherto unprecedented option unseen before: the option to become the Endgame Crisis. There are a few steps to becoming a force truly capable of eclipsing the galaxy, so here’s a quick guide to becoming a true Endgame Crisis in?Stellaris.


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  As mentioned above, players need the Nemesis DLC to become the Endgame Crisis, so purchasing it is the first step.

  The original trailer for the Nemesis DLC highlighted the fact that players can become the Crisis, but wasn’t big on what that entailed. As it turns out, the first step is a relatively simple one, and not as hard to achieve as other things in the game. Players must select the Ascension Perk: Become the Crisis. An Ascension Perk can be selected every time a player’s empire completes a Tradition Tree by gaining enough Unity, and players must have at least two Perks before they can select Become the Crisis. Furthermore, the Perk is not available to pacifist, xenophile, or rogue servitor empires.



  Multiple empires can elect to Become the Crisis, but achieving its highest level of power, Existential Threat, requires dedication. Players must acquire Menace by achieving various acts of destruction and conquest. Upon reaching thresholds of Menace, players can complete special research projects to advance to the next level of Menace, which unlocks increasingly powerful bonuses and tools. These acts of measured destruction re-earn Stellaris its place as the Lawful Evil of strategy games.

  As new stages are unlocked, players gain access to increasingly powerful Menacing ship hulls, which are even stronger than regular hulls of the same level. With the expansion?also available?on console versions, console?Stellaris players can operate this level of power on their platform of choice.


  Fortunately, with the DLC available to console players, players will likely find it quite worth it, especially the final stage. Existential Threat grants Star Eaters (which they literally do) and a galactic scale doomsday weapon. After all, what’s the point of becoming a galactic Endgame Crisis of players can’t, in fact, end the game?

  Stellaris: Nemesis?is currently available to download on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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