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[The Sims 4 Star Wars]New EA Rumor Has Fans Scrambling

2021-06-29 16:23 Tag:

  Naturally, many fans on Twitter began speculating what the revived series in question could be, and there were a lot of fun guesses. @WeAreJoel wrote “The time has come,” with a picture of “NBA Street Vol. 2.”?@YikeYuke brought up “SSX,” “Jade Empire,” and the “Def Jam” franchise as possible games to make a comeback. Meanwhile,?@_DanJapan made it clear that they weren’t interested in anything outside of a new “Dead Space” title.

  Some of the fan theories don’t quite hold up under scrutiny, however. For example, a few fans mentioned “The Sims” as a possibility, and while it has been seven years since the release of “The Sims 4,” the game is still being regularly updated and it seems unlikely anyone other than Maxis would develop a new entry.

  Motive Studios has previously worked on “Star Wars: Squadrons” and helped develop “Star Wars Battlefront 2,” so the team there is experienced in making sci-fi-based shooters, which would certainly come in handy when developing a new “Dead Space.” It’s also been long enough since the series received any kind of content that it would certainly qualify as a dormant IP. “Dead Space 3” released in early 2013 and it completely skipped the Xbox One and PS4 console generation.?Fans have another month to speculate about what franchise EA Motive is working on.

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