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[Madden NFL 2021]Steve Madden Group has a serious loss in the first quarter, but the prospect can be

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Affected by the new crown epidemic in 2020,Global footwear companies also have a blow.In the first quarter,Due to less passenger traffic and large closes of the store,Included half of the stocks in the warehouse.And with the cancellation and delay of orders,The shoe industry has been in the market in the market.

recently,American Shoes Retailer Steve Madden Group,The key financial information will be announced within three months of March 31.Data Display,The overall sales of the group in the first quarter fell by 13.6% to 3.$ 59 billion,Net loss is $ 17.5 million,Net profit last year was US $ 34.5 million.Wholesale footwear products decrease in 15.0%,Wholesale accessories, clothing drops 5.4%.Operational loss 6.$ 2 million,7 of income.3%.

Its company said thatThe decline in income is due to the fact that COVID-19 popular in March leads to a large number of cancellations from all retail stores outside China.Simultaneously,The gross profit margin of wholesale business has been 34 last year.5% dropped to 32.5%.


CEO Edward Rosenfeld said in a statement.”After experiencing strong 2019,We have a good start in 2020.But starting from March,Due to the impact of COVID-19 popularity,Our business has fallen sharply.Since then,Our primary task is to protect employees and consumers.Second, ensure long-term survivability and strength of our business.I believe,Including the brand,The advantage of business model and balance sheet will make us spend this crisis.And the situation is constant and flourishing.”

Public information shows: Steve Madden is a shoe horses in the 21st century.July 9, 1990, company was established in New York,Mr. Madden as the brand of shoe design,Directly responsible for the design and market work of the company’s trend of shoes; in the early days of the establishment,Steve Madden marks independent, not willing to ordinary rebellion youth,Its unique thick-end thick with women’s shoes is famous in the fashion industry.


With the growth of the target customer group,now,Steve Madden has grown into a fashionable brand,Products are also extended to other accessories,Such as handbags, belts, watches and women.The unique personal style of its products.It is presented by the US native and fashion enthusiasts around the world.

2020 that ushered in a good startAffected by new championships,I have been in the first quarter of a woman.Excluding the influence of the epidemic,Steve Madden’s brand 2020 spring and summer series has received a positive market response,Therefore, the group is still full of confidence in the future.Looking forward to the future,Steve Madden is still very long,This epidemic is only an obstacle in the process of brand growth.I believe,After this “epide”,Steve Madden will show in the world with a more powerful attitude.