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[Turrican Flashback PC]Urban Open World God,A great game series,GTA series

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  ”Grand Theft Auto” is a famous world-famous game developed by Rockstar Games.Don’t have a “Grand Fetail”, “Traveling”, etc.The first work was issued in 1997.

  ”Grand Theft Auto” mixed driving, gun battles, fighting, developing or even operating elements in the context of gangs.This game has quickly occupied the vision of the players since the release of “Grand Theft Auto: Sin City”.Most Chinese players have begun to know “Grand Theft Auto” from here.


  Under the influence of the ancient tradition left by Italy,The family became an important part of the American gang culture.For those gangs who are unable to be,Family and loved ones,There is no way to say in their hearts.The background of the game is mostly set in imitation of the fictional locations in the United States.The game mainly focuses on the opening of the world,The player can freely determine the time and way of the task to promote the story plot,There are also many additional tasks available.

  The game combines the action adventure, driving, third person shooting, etc.There are also a small number of roles, dismutors, and racing ingredients.This series is also known for its ultra-high degree of freedom and diverse gameplay.The game contains a lot of ridicule of American culture and its social phenomenon.The content of erotic violence in the game also causes many disputes.The multi-protagonists debut in the series are attempted to enhance their prestige in this fictional crime world.But their motivation is not the same in each work.


  RockStar Games is a game development branch of the game publisher Take-Two Interactive,Established in 1998,It is headquartered in New York City, USA.In the company’s work,The “Grand Theft Auto” is the most famous.Set up multiple studios under the company.Includes production and acquisition.In 2005,Take-Two is different from the game issued by the own brand and RockStar,In addition, 2K Games brand and the 2K Sports brand that issued a sports competitive game and the 2K Play brand of the release game to integrate the brand resources developed by the original Take-Two studio.

  RockStar Games is now published in the introduction of a propaganda film exclusive new Rockstar editor.In addition,PC version also joins the powerful Rockstar editor,Players can use this new editor to record the story mode and online mode game fragment,Provide a variety of mirror modes, filters, depth of field blur and sound calibration options.


  The unique director mode allows players to choose the familiar roles in the story, passers-by even animals,As a stage with Luoshengfu scene,Shoot a piece of self-exclusive movie,Share with global players through RockStar Games Social Club or YouTube.

  Rockstar editor PC version inherited the characteristics of the new generation host version,A large strengthening of visual effects and people’s flow performance,The first person mode is included.Use the most advanced images and technologies,Be optimized to support most hardware equipment.Have many exclusive improvements,Contains a more depth detail, more detailed setting options, and support for super high quality such as 4K 60FPS.


  Rockstar Games has Rockstar Japan, Rockstar Leeds, Rockstar Leeds,Before namely Mobius Entertainment, Rockstar Lincoln (Lincoln Studio,Among the Wolf Tarios Studio, Rockstar London, Rockstar New England (New England Studio,Before named Mad Doc Software, Rockstar North (Northern Studio,DMA Design, Rockstar San Diego (San Diego Studio,Angel studio), Rockstar Toronto, Toronto,Former Canadian Studio), Rockstar Vancouver (Vancouver Studio,Barking Dog Studios,2012 with Rockstar Toronto, Rockstar Vienna (Vienna studio,Before namely Neo Software,In 2006 closed),Development strength is powerful.

  RockStar Games has produced “Grand Theft Auto” series, “Bay Shore Midnight Club” series, “Grand Theft Auto” series, “Marx Wen” series, “Warrior Gang”, “Wilder Dart” series, “Black Luo City”,” Douluni “classic games.


  November 1997,”Grand Theft Auto” was born by David Jones on the PC platform.It is a game in a 2D viewing angle manner.The content mainly involves violence, gang fight, robbing the ground and gun battle.These stimulating plots become the main line of the game.In addition to violence,Basically, it can be divided into a conventional conventional 2D action class.Like most violent games, well-known brands”Grand Theft Auto” is also born in Europe (Scottish DMA Design’s hand).Although the game does not consider the influence of violence in the production,But after the game was released, it called the voice of the public opinion.The game has encountered a huge publicity problem when promoting Europe and the United States.Because publicity “Grand Theft Auto” is almost equivalent to preaching violence,Many governments are concerned about the physical and mental health of the youth’s physical and mental health due to worrying about the seriousness of the youth.However, the voice of the major media has made a free publicity to “Grand Theft Auto”.At that time, the young man between 18 to 35 years old,Most are because of seeing these negative reports and has a strong interest in the game.When the “Grand Theft Auto” marked with “18 years old” was immediately welcomed when the UK was listed.


  On April 27, 1999,”Grand Theft Auto” Task Bag London 1969 Villains is launched in London 1969 Villains.There is no change in the system of “Grand Theft Auto”,Just set the game location in London.The player is still going to be “car” on the road to enhance his “status” on the road.Since the data sheet is not much changed,It and the subsequent part of the “Grand Theft Auto: Sin London 1961” The reaction in the player is also extremely general.


  October 1999,”Grand Theft Auto 2″ is released on DC, PS, and PC platform.The new version of “Grand Theft Auto 2” has added some new elements in the game.E.g,The concept of opposition gang was established for the first time.When you complete a black helping to give you a task,You and his “friendship” have been improved.Correspondingly, it will be with the opposite gang.Become their enemies;Players can upgrade weapons in the game.Maintenance car.

  Since “Grand Theft Auto 2” still continues the “2D action class” style,”Grand Theft Auto” At this time, the violent game hegemony has actually been replaced by “Driver” (cross-rushing) of the 3D interface.


  During the production of “Grand Theft Auto 3”,There is also an episode.Due to the previous example “Grand Theft Auto”, “Grand Theft Auto 2” is launched in the United States,All major retailers refuse to sell “Grand Theft Auto” in order to keep their own reputation.Just when the “Grand Theft Auto” is an obstacle,The appearance of Take-Two allows DMA to ushered.Take-TWO is a typical radical game publisher,Most of the games issued by this company travel in the edge of the law.Attracting players with various game content containing pornography and violence.”Grand Theft Auto” is very appreciated by the Creative Creative Creative Letter.In 1999, Take-TWO took over the “Grand Theft Auto” from the original agent BMG.In November, DMA was officially purchased and more than 80 employees into Rockstar,The “Grand Theft Auto” series of “Grand Theft Auto” is established by Rockstar North.Take-Two take over “Grand Theft Auto”, rendering violence and pornography in the game,Let David Jones are very dissatisfied,Finally left DMA.This is also “Grand Theft Auto 3”,Game Development Corporation is converted from Dma Design to Rockstar North.despite this,Under the strong pack of stimulating factors such as violence and porn,The “Grand Theft Auto 3″ in the refold is indeed a huge charm.”Grand Theft Auto 3” completed the transformation from 2D to 3D,PC players also feel the difference between game player games and computer games for the first time.This gap is a gap in idea.For a time, the discussion of “Grand Theft Auto” has entered a white heat.Some “conservatives” believe that “Grand Theft Auto 3” is too violent,Will affect the growth of adolescents,Even some countries have implemented banned “Grand Theft Auto 3”.on the other hand,Also have a “Grand Theft Auto 3″ absolute free game mode,The real feeling and the impact on the entire game development industry praise.”Grand Theft Auto Hand 3” game background is set in Liberty City, New York.Telling the protagonist Claude and girlfriend Catalina robbery Liberty City Bank,Claude was arrested by Caatalina, and Claude was arrested.After escaping in the jail, I gradually integrated into the big gangs from the street blend.In a series of gangs, the status is constantly climbing,Finally kill girlfriends complete the revenge story.


  About this news can be said to be less and less,It can be said that RockStar has been trying to get an attempt to enter the GBA market after three generations.As for the result,Playing so wonderful 3 generation let you play this version,It is estimated that there are very few people who are willing to spend the money.2001,Rockstar is already preparing to develop GBA version of “Grand Theft Auto” when developing the PS2 version “Grand Theft Auto 3”.Before this series, the series of 1, 2 is launched on the GBC.And have received praise from many players.At that time, RockStar was working with Destination Software to develop “Grand Theft Auto”.However, it was later given up because of various reasons.

  After the PS2 version “Grand Theft Auto 3” has achieved great success,RockStar handed over the development of the game to the British Crawfish production room that has produced “Juvenile Street Hege 3”.However, this production room exited the market when the game is ready to complete.Today, this “Grand Theft Auto: Advance” is more than a multi-fold,Developed by Digital Eclipse and RockStar North.The story of this happens in the “City” of “Grand Theft Auto 3”,Telling the protagonist Mike because of the death of friends Vinnie,And was used as a murder suspect,So he decided to investigate the truth behind the incident.Although the surface is an innocent sin for yourself eluting the story of the crime,But the players who are familiar with “Grand Theft Auto” series must know,The protagonist of the game must not be good.This game is classified into M-class.There are many violent performances in the game.In violent mode,Players can kill innocent in the streets,There will be quite a few bleeding lenses on the screen.There will be blood and footprints after step on the body.However, it is possible to consider that the player players are small,This violence is less than the household machine version.Players can make money through some free tasks.For example, by helping the police to take sin criminals, send the road to the hospital to go to the hospital, open a taxi to make money, etc.There are still some underground racing competitions in the game.Winning will also get a bonus.

  ”Grand Theft Auto: Forward” adopts 2D picture,At the same time, the 3D transform effect has a certain point of view conversion function.Players can freely zoom the game screen,And you can set the system to place the point of view at the optimal location at any time.The city in the game is quite huge,And there are such as underground passages,Viaduct, etc.When passing through these places,The car will be displayed in a translucent effect.


  May 2003, May 2003,Rockstar North once again launched the “Grand Theft Auto: Sin City”.The game mode follows the model of “Grand Theft Auto 3”.Just time I came in 1986,The location is changed to Miami as prototype,Sun-shi’s bright evil city; this has added new tasks based on “Grand Theft Auto”,Add new vehicles such as motorcycles, helicopters, golf venicles.Until now,”Grand Theft Auto 3″ and “Grand Theft Auto: Sin City” only PS2 platform sold more than 1,700 million sets,Great success!”Grand Theft Auto: Sin City” tells Tommy from the blackfare party of the city of freedom, Tommy,After the boss sonny, I took a 15-year black pot.Also sent to the story of evil urban development,In the later stage,Tommy killed Sonny and controlled the evil city.


  October 2004,”Grand Theft Auto” series “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” landing the PS2 platform.This game location has changed again.Go to the West Coast from the East Coast of the United States (this seems to be in line with American living habits).The protagonist Carl returns home,At this point in the early 1990s.In “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas”,The city has become 3 from 1.Such a change allows the game scene to become more large,Add more task content,But still maintain its freedom of freedom.”Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” PS2 platform version has become the most sold in 2004.The game stage is moved to California by Florida.The fictional St. Andres City is from 3 cities (Los Santos as prototypes in Los Angeles,San Fierro is prototype with San Francisco,Las Venturra consists of landscape, desert, mountains, rivers and lakes in Raswegas.San Andreas is five or six times larger than the previous sinful urban.Here you can find different landscapes in all types.In fact, you are not called a miniature world.


  This is the background of the freestinity in “Grand Theft Auto 3”,But stories, characters and tasks are new.The story began in 1998,Tony Cipriani returned to the free city after a while and returned to the free city.Don Salvatorie gave him a difference,Let him appoint a hotel in the “Grand Theft Auto 3”.of course,Not so easy to do things for Salvatorie,Cipriani’s life is destined to unable to detach the killing of the black.This work uses a new engine “Not RenderWare” production.Developed by RockStar Leeds and Rockstar North.As a handheld game,This is optimized in terms of map density, resolution, power effects.This will make full use of the PSP wireless multiplayer game function,Has a variety of multiplayer game modes,Including “Free City Satisfaction”, “charge protection fee”, “stealing car”, etc.

  Liberty City Survivor: This model is equivalent to the death competition.The most killed the number of enemies in a limited time.Kill a opponent will get a point,It will be deducted one by kill.You can also unite with others to kill hostile gang members.The gangs who have a maximum of the largest number of enemies are limited.

  Car Protection Racket: This mode,The purpose of the player is to destroy four luxurious cars in the hostile gang base.At the same time, the other party will stop the car.There are two types of modes.Two gangsters play the two sides of the attack and defense.There is a timer on the screen that counts the time used in the first round of the other car.After all 4 cars are destroyed,The identity of the attack and defensive will be exchanged,The second round begins.The recording time of the previous round begins to count down,The attacker must destroy each other’s sedan before the end of the countdown.Otherwise it will fail.

  Get Stretch: Each gang can steal the car of the other party,And bring it back to your base,It also prevents your car from being stolen.This mode is equivalent to the traditional flag mode.If the car is stolen by the other party,You can turn it back,Or destroy directly in place.After a while,This car will appear again in his own base.First, the score value is achieved or steals the party to win.The game’s PS3 version is officially released on the PlayStation network on April 2, 2013.


  This time, “Grand Theft Auto: Sin City” almost the same name with the PS2 version of “Grand Auto: Vice City”,But in fact, story content is brand new production.Background is set in 1984 sin city,In this bright metropolis,Subject to many criminal events,This city is like sinful,Draft drug trafficking and violence.Players will play the protagonist VIC Vance,Vic is a brave fighter,For family, the country and himself,Under a wrong decision,VIC will take a difficult job,And in this city full of temptation and greed,How is VIC?Does he be integrated into the risks of the streets?Players must have their own choices.”Grand Theft Auto: Sin City” picture is better than “Grand Theft Auto: Free City Story” before,The game’s light shadow effect is more excellent,The characters are more realistic,Moreover, there is a certain increase in the same screen.The number of games has been kept around 40fps.This is still very good,It can be seen that the manufacturer’s production sincerity.Classic songs over 90 people will appear in the form of background music in the game,Super Classic System “Black Radio” will also be included in this work.With the Hip-Hop style music, it will be a new “Grand Theft Auto: Sin City”.PSP version “Grand Theft Auto: Sin City” will adopt a new story main line,Tasks and game methods,And retain a lot of classic settings,Not a simple transplant game,In the game, you can let the players experience unprecedented visual enjoyment.And the protagonist in the game will swim.The scene in the game is better than the previous “Grand Theft Auto: Free City Story” twice as much as enough.More than 100 vehicles can be used for players,It includes helicopters and motorcycles.And this will increase the new task that PS2 “Grand Theft Auto: Sin City”,task,song,Transportation, etc.The characters in the game will also be re-produced.Even if you play PS2 version “Grand Theft Auto: Sin City” can also find a new pleasure in the PSP version.The game’s PS3 version is available on April 2, 2013 in PlayStation.


  The evaluation of the official publicity video of “Grand Theft Auto 4”.Because RockStar replaces the engine,So the picture of the game,Includes weather in the game,Light shadow,Models, etc. have been greatly improved; in the small segment of the middle hall,Sunshine is shining from the roof glass,Over time,The light changes,This lens has a deep impact on the audience.In “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas”,Naturally due to engine defects,There is never such an effect to be presented.

  Then many people pay more attention to the problem of map size.Through this video,Although there is no aerial view of the whole city,However, we can know one or two from some spliced lenses.The map of “Grand Theft Auto 4″ must be very large,But if you want to say huge degree,Although the accurate size ratio cannot be given,But everyone should be clear.From the free god,Go to the Empire Building.From the light rail (or rail) to the street,”Grand Theft Auto 4” will give us a very worthy of us to explore.adventure,Virtual reality found.

  Then it is a character.The first protagonist should be a Russian who has just arrived in the United States.Or from other parts of Eastern Europe.No matter what,This protagonist will be accompanied by us in “Grand Theft Auto 4”.Looking for people who have a chance to survive.Next, it is an NPC AI.Through this video,It should be clearly seen that the characters in “Grand Theft Auto 4” will be more more.And the quality of the character model,There is also the action of the characters.Language and so on seem to be more diversified and refined.

  These new changes are not just because the new engine is joined.It is a new idea and idea from the “Grand Theft Auto”.The combination of both,I finally brought us a new “Grand Theft Auto”.New experience.

  The main scene of “Grand Theft Auto 4” is designated by New York City, USA.Real estate to restore most of New York (four in New York City will appear in the game),However, all neighborhoods and place names in this work have been modified.such as,The original Manhattan Bridge is called the Algonquin Bridge in the game.Brooklyn is changed to Broker,Queen Region is renamed Dukes,Staten island will not appear in the game.Even the free goddess of one of the US iconic buildings is also changed to change the face called a happiness of happiness.The area of the whole city does not have San Andreas,But in the details, you have to win the former.And there is only a metropolis in the game.There is no suburban or wilderness.

  Pedestrians (NPCs) that appear in the game will be much more realistic than all previous works.Some sitting in the park bench,Some smoked cigars,Also there is a side of reading . All NPCs will be their respective things like the people in the real world.Rockstar’s development team said thatThe picture that appears in the previously published game image is not the final full version.The actual effect of the game will be better than now.

  The surface effect is very good.This is generally not good at the end of the blood.”Grand Theft Auto 4″ will inherit a series of consistent gameplay,There is a large number of open scenes and tasks for players.Players can attack passers-by (this is also one of the important reasons for “Grand Theft Auto” Series),This “Grand Theft Auto 4” will limit this phenomenon,The police in the game will have unprecedented strength.If the player is criminalized to be hosted by the police,It is not so easy to escape.Therefore, players in “Grand Theft Auto 4” need some convergence.

  In terms of game systems,”Grand Theft Auto 4″ is much free than the series,Players don’t have to be bound between tasks and contacts like slaves.The game will give players more free choices and more reasonable operations.The plot structure of the game is different from the past.The development of the story may be expanded in a completely different form.Players can contact their favorite characters in the way they like.For example, you feel that a guy is very interesting or cool,You can contact it by phone or other way.Choose task objects and content yourself,Players and games and interactions between each role in the game will also have a huge change.

  During the development of the game,The Rockstar Development Team consulted with many criminal experts and police people.In order to make the overall style of the game in 2007, it is now a US society.After entering the 21st century,With the improvement of the legal system and the evolution of law enforcement concepts,The practical difficulties encountered during the implementation process are much larger than in the 80s and 190s.In order to real reflect this social reality,”Grand Theft Auto 4″ also adjusted the system.Players will see all armed police and large arrested criminals.Preparing for players who have achieved their ambitions in Freestay to make a hard work.

  RockStar wants the entire game to look close to reality,Therefore, there will be no transportation like bicycles in the game.And no more airplane appears,Because the game will be carried out in the same city,However, vehicles like motorcycles will still be visible everywhere in the game.Players can choose according to their preferences.

  Due to the production of Rockstar North in the production of “Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar North hired many new dubbing actors.Therefore, players may not hear so familiar sounds in the game.In terms of music,Rockstar is still buying horse in recruiting troops.But the official guarantees that they will not live up to the expectations of the player.Produces first-class music in accordance with the “Grand Theft Auto 4”.

  Due to the great evolution of the host function,There will be no more troubled load in the game.No matter what you do or go,Even if it does not appear from the street into the building, there will be no loading process.Game fluency will get an unprecedented improvement.The PS3 version of this work is basically the same as the Xbox360 version.But the Xbox360 version will launch a unique download content for a while.Both versions support online features,But it is not a large-scale multiplayer that online games.Game developers say that “Grand Theft Auto 4” is made into a single game work with fun and innovative content.

  From “Grand Theft Auto 3” to “Grand Theft Auto 4″,Each generation of works has been leaping with different innovations and big steps.”Grand Theft Auto 4” did not let us down.


  The game is set in Free City.Players play Lei Huang,Chinatown of Chinatown Chinese black gangs.He was destroyed in the fire.When you start, you just came back.See your uncle,Wu ‘Kenny’ Lee,Come and accept your dad to win the ancestral baby in the gambling brand – YU Jian Sword.You caught your bus to my uncle.Then the Royal Sword was stolen.Uncle is about you to an apartment,This will therene a stronghold here.The game perspective is between the classic “Grand Theft Auto”, the top view of the original, and fixed third person.Basically, the oblique plane is overlooking,Depending on the moving lens on the screen, a certain degree of zoom can be performed.All 3D screens (character 2D) have GPS,There is a PDA.GPS can generate the fastest shortcut to reach the destination (but actually use the gap between the building).PDA can look at the task list.Select the weapon screen.


  ”Grand Theft Auto: Lost and Curse” is the first chapter of the Xbox360 version “Grand Theft Auto 4” in the two additional chapters,Will choose the plot and protagonist independent of the original work.The first chapter of the protagonist Johnny,Is a member of a motorcycle flying party called Lost,Its character and identity are very different from the original owner Niko.In addition,Additional Chapter 1 will also increase new weapons (such as grenade transmitters), new vehicles (mainly motorcycles) and new game modes (teamwork models) and other new elements.

  Since the protagonist is a member of the motorcycle flying party,The game content is naturally inseparable from “Motorcycle”, “Car” and other factors related to the flying party: this does not only add a variety of handsome motorcycles (the chances of motorcycles on the street are higher than the original).And there will be half of the tasks with the car, the motorcycle is chasing down,And you don’t have to worry about your car skills.Because this protagonist is not only automatically dodge vehicle (unless you want to crash or hit the wall),And the chance of being fell off is much more much lower than the original (how to mix the motorcycle flying party, “You can also pull a hand to complete the task and don’t have to fight like the original.Players can easily enjoy the stimulus and pleasure caused by the car and motorcycle chase.In addition, there is still subtle connection with the original work: In one mission, you will be able to cooperate with the original protagonist Nick (in fact, there is also this task,It is an operator game role to call up.).If you like to stimulate and drive,So “Grand Theft Auto: Lost and Curse” will be your first choice.


  This work is different from the “Grand Theft Auto: Lost and Curse” to focus on the story of the flying party.The second chapter of “Grand Theft Auto 4”,Will focus on the world of free city lights red wine green.Players play in the game is a role called Luis, Lopez.The hooligans of the gantry street,But most of the time must work in Tony at nightclub manager.Luis will have to “face conflicts between affection and friendship”,In addition, “challenges all kinds of sinister traps under the real social reality of money, and unveiled all kinds of false feelings.”Unlike the “Grand Theft Auto 4” and “Grand Theft Auto: Lost and Curse”,”Grand Theft Auto: The Song of Wire Tony” is “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” The exaggerated style,Therefore, this work will focus on the gameplay: the transportation tools in the original aircings, small armed helicopters can make players to enjoy “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas”, “Unbreaking”, “Division”Pleasant; some dramatic tasks can make players easily in the nervousness (such as stealing the pants, snapped away using the helicopter, etc.); and the newly added parachute system is more like the protagonist “Worried about jumping from the helicopter and skyscrapers like the previous sep up to the “black and white screen” . in short,If you have played “Grand Theft Auto 4” and “Grand Theft Auto: Lost and Curse”,So let’s play “Grand Theft Auto: The Song of Wire Tony”,I believe that the gameability of the far behead will bring you a new feeling!


  When “Grand Theft Auto 4” (GTA4) DLC (Downloadable Document) announced,Players in PS3 and PC are frustrated,Because these two stories are exclusive to Xbox 360.year 2010,There is a message called “The Lost and Damned” and “The Ballad Of” “disc version will be on PC and PS3.Sales,This makes the player cheering.”Grand Theft Auto: Free City Story” was originally expected to land on PS3 and PC in March 2010.However, it was postponed.

  ”Grand Theft Auto 4″ has been purchased by Microsoft Xbox360 exclusive DLC “The Qu” and “Loss and Curse” finally launched the PS3 platform.Initially, these two download chapters are scheduled to download the PSN download version.Finally, the game cancels the download version,Sales in the form of Blu-ray compilation,Taken this name “Grand Theft Auto 4: Free City Story”.Among them, “The Lost and Damned” is translated as “Lost and Curse”, “Lost and Curse”; “The Ballad of Gay Tony” is translated as “The Song of Nightlife”, “The Song of the Wild Tony”.

  According to RockStar,”Sony Europe wants to make some small changes to the contents of the PAL PS3 version.”Thus,”Free City Story” on April 13, 2010 in North America, on April 16th landing PS3 and PC in other countries.

  ”Although we have made the biggest efforts to drive,But we still need 2 weeks to complete this work.We understand those who are worried about the latency of the game.We promise,These small changes will never have a big impact on the overall effects of the game.These small changes have not affected the basic elements and rating issues of the game.”

  ”Grand Theft Auto Hunter 4″ Niko played Niko is a bad guy in the free city; “The Lost and Damned” is a riding bicycle Johnny “The Jew” Klebitz; “The Ballad of Gay Tony” plays a nameCall Luis Lopez security guard.In these three games, players can steal the car, shoot civilians,Get the simplest happiness.


  RockStar In order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this gameLaunched the commemorative version of iOS and Android on December 15, 2011.Missing that, after each time, please get off the bus.This will come to Flashback 95.6 radio music?(Unfortunately the Android version seems to be more difficult to buy in China,However, the Chinese master is) Grand Theft Auto 3: The 10th Anniversary Edition has landed on the iOS platform and Android on December 15, 2011.


  This is a replica version of the past.The game is the background of Miami in the 80s.Players still have to follow the principical Tommy Vercett,From a forelli gang,Experience all kinds of twists and turns,Finally, the Forelei Boss Sonny and VC Land Snake Diaz became a new owner of Vice City.In the mobile version “Grand Theft Auto: Sin City Grand Theft Auto: Vice City”,You will get a complete PS2 gaming experience.RockStar also enhances multiple access to the mobile version.Including a number of people models, light and shadow effects.The game’s control is also specifically optimized for the touch screen.It is guaranteed the smoothness on the phone.


  Luosheng,A bustling city of a huge and sunnyMasters full of self-salvation,Corrupt officials and falling people,A group of residents of the envyed Western world are also in the era of survival,The declined economy and the cheap moral make this unrecognizable.

  Faced with financial turmoil,Three different monsters draw their own survival and successful blueprints.Franklin is a street debt,Look for real opportunities and large funds.Mike is a bank thief and professional criminals of the four seas,After washing your hands, he hopes to live a better life.Cui Buddha is a metamorphosis violent mad and addict.He droves the opportunity to be in time and the pick-up of the white coincidence,They came together.For everything you want to get,Three people have chosen a series of bold and dangerous crimes.


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