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[Madden 21 for XBOX]Rust Xbox Hosting will be available on May 21,$ 50

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  IT House March 29 Message Game “Corrosion” Xbox host version is currently on Microsoft XBOX store,Open pre-sale.This game is scheduled for sale on May 21.Will bring the player’s experience similar to the PC version.



  ”Corrosion” is a very popular living game in the Steam platform,Players need to avoid animals and other players in the abandoned world,Construction shelter, hunting animals,Finally, successful survival.The game was released in 2013,As of the end of 2019, sales exceeded 9 million points,January this year “Rust” won three consecutive championships.


  IT House learned thatThis game provides standard version, Deluxe version, Ultimate version,The props containing and gold coins are different.The price is $ 50, $ 60, $ 80.Pre-order users can get exclusive weapons,Deluxe, Ultimate version of users can also experience games in advance three days ago.


  Currently “Rust” game is priced at 116 yuan in the Steam platform,The graphics card requires only GTX 980.The game provides Simplified Chinese interface, audio, subtitles,Get special praise evaluation.

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