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[Robert Swayze Cobra Kai]Headhuner Face No. 6 | Occurred Medicine Headhuner Robert: Although you can’t become a doctor,But you can do with many pharmaceutical talents

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  With the development of the Internet,Artificial intelligence technology innovation reduces the difficulty of obtaining information,But it will never replace the value of the real professional headhunting consultant.

  What is the real headhunter industry?What is the daily life of the headhunting consultant?What is the real idea of the headhunting consultant?In order to help everyone, the headhunting industry is better.Qiuhuhu Hun Human Resources Group specially carried out a headhunting consultant to face interviews,Let us listen to the true voice from the headhunting consultant.

  Qiuhuun Group Headmaster Adviser face-to-face No. 6

  Interview with guests in this issue


  Oduous medicine headhunting consultant

  Robert ZHANG Zhang Yin Cheng

  Qiuhuun Group headhunting consultant

  Sprinkler, real, continuous innovator


  Why choose becoming a headhunting?What is the headhunting career?

  Choose to become a headhunting,Can be in depth to the industry line,Although you can’t become a doctor,But you can do with many pharmaceutical talents.And as a headhunting,I Have Infinite Possibilities.

  September 2019 officially started a headhunter from Shanghai.Starting is a big manufacturing chemical direction;

  In December 2019 began to contact Medicine,Contact is the direction of Commercial;

  June 2020 joins Qiuhuun,Now do CLINICAL & Medical,Another new direction,Start from scratch,interesting.


  In the entire headhunter SOP process,Which link is good at?What experience is you with you?

  The first point,Effectively searches,According to customer position information,Focus,Match the appropriate candidate,There is any problem during the search process,Be sure to communicate with the project manager in time.

  Second point,Human control,From the job search motivation, expectation salary, family factors, and the changes before and after the interview, control candidates for each dimension of the enterprise,In order to keep preparations in late talks,Be sure to have a comprehensive understanding of people.

  Third point,diligent,Not affected by the environment,Not arrogant.When your performance is not particularly good,Be sure to put a lot of energy in the work,Efforts have become better.

  fourth point,Society is decisive to give up,When the candidity intention is reduced,Timely stop loss.Miyazaki has said: When accompanying you,When you get off the bus,Even if you don’t want toYou also want to be grateful,Wat in goodbye.Everyone’s story,The beginning is very gentle,But the ends of the story are often unfolded.remember,Each is the best ending of our best.As a headhunting,Changeable is your plan,The constant is your goal.


  What is the characteristic of the headhunting in the pharmaceutical industry?

  It is easy to lose your hair.Because you can’t find someone, you will be scratched;

  It is easy to get fat,I want to eat because I can’t find someone;

  Easy to insomnia,Because you can’t find your Leader and your customers will come to DISS,You will feel pressure.

  Anyway,Evely coin Has Two Side.

  The reason why you are so insisted is because you love this industry and you love your work.I believe that the headhunting of medicine has strong willpower and execution.


  Is there anything to share with a peer to enter the headhunting of a pharmaceutical industry?

  Prepare for hard work,It’s over!The headhunting is a service that is completed.Communication In addition to understanding the willingness of candidates,You can also understand a lot of industry knowledge.A headhunting master can pass a few calls,Just understand a new industry area,Here is all on the telephone communication skills.

  Telephone communication and QQ,WeChat or even E-mail communication is different,It is a method of 100% occupant candidate.The highest efficiency,The difficulty is also high.Many newcomers began to ensure that each phone is not hung by the other party, it is OK.Although most of us is repeatable,But after a certain amount,You can listen to the various thin differences outside the words,If you say it, you will be more targeted and persuasive.

  On average 100 minutes a day, call the headhunting on average 300 minutes a day.The gap between the communication capacity of the year is very obvious,And the truth is actually “not afraid to suffer and defeat,Rely on diligence and effort,No speculation can be achieved. “


  What is myself in life?

  1 Cultivate yourself in the direction of the artist,Go to the theater listen to opera, musical,See classical masterpiece

  2 I like to watch memes because I simply feel that those pictures are very funny.

  3 hundred varnish seams,Three borders



  What feeling after joining Qiuhu?

  The company’s atmosphere is great.Very love,Are young people,Communicate with colleagues, feel like a spring breeze; it is a very positive energy hunting ground.Everyone can achieve growth in such an environment.

  The vision of Qiu Huhu Group is to build a global human resources entrepreneurial ecotrial circle.The group is a specially inclusive platform.Where do you want to go,Although let go,The platform is your biggest back shield.


  About Qiu Hunt Human Resources Group

  The vision of Qiu Huhu is the global human resources entrepreneurial ecotrial circle.Built a platform for dreams,Here, everyone is co-construction, coexisting, sharing, together with forward,Not only can you realize your own value,And it can promote the development of the human resources industry.

  Create a hunting ground,Let the dream set sail.Qiu Huhu strives to attract the world’s best human resources team,At present, we have more than 10 partners.In the future, I hope to have more and more business partners from the world.Adhere to unremittingly build global human resources entrepreneurship ecotropic circles.

  The niche of the ecosystem is provided by the group CoE,Encill HRBP, financial legal, market brands, BD, recruitment, training, etc.Qiu hunting original six-layer partner mechanism,Open the stage to everyone,Share profits to everyone.

  Qiu hunt is attractive,Recognize people of our underlying values.

  If you no longer want to fight alone,I want to cooperate to win a win-win time.

  If you are willing to open yourself,Accommodate more new knowledge and abilities,Willing to share the result to your partners,Can come to Qiu hunt.

  If you don’t want to stay in a comfortable circle,Don’t want to limit yourself,Want to break through and challenge,Can come to Qiu hunt.

  If you are professional,Responsible, integrity partner,Can come to Qiu hunt.

  These are also the cultural and values of Qiu hunting.

  Partners all over the world are recruiting in hot recruitment,

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  This interview is over,If you have any questions, you want to communicate with Robert,Welcome to contact us!You can also tell us the topic or confusion of interest,We look good for the headhunting consultants in the next period!

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